LED Round Recessed

LED Round Recessed is part of a collection of architectural recessed LED wall lights. Each unit is finished in brushed aluminum with a round PMMA acrylic cover. A spring mechanism hold the unit in the wall.

The recessed LED lights have a very low energy consumption, with a powerful 1 Watt LED. Available in four color options, the recessed lights are ideal for ambient illuminations in hallways, stairs or entrances. An optional LED driver is available.

LED Round Recessed


LED Round Recessed



LED Round Recessed
Cutout Hole: 1.5″
D: 2.25″, D: 2.8″
Depth from Wall: 0.75″
Light: 1 x 1 Watt LED

LED Driver
110 – 230 Input
Constant Current 350 mA
Low Voltage